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What is this thing? I'm glad you asked... Aside from pedaling my skinny arse all over this lovely country and simply ranting about my hapless adventures, I thought that I would turn my experience into more than just a blog... but perhaps a tool of sorts to assist you, dear reader, with cycling travels of your own.

Content, content...

This site mostly displays content from my own personal adventures. I am the sole owner of bike wales and all content contained there-in. I am the Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director, Photography Director, and Publisher. Rasputin Crankshaw is merely "Head-Hooligan" and unpaid for his rantings, which are intended for amusement purposes only.

DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this website is to promote the benefits of cycling and encourage increased cycling by providing readers online access to maps and route reviews. Bike Wales bears no responsibility for any claims based on the actions of third parties.
Riders ride at their own risk.

You can read about rides or events within this website(blog) of which I was asked to organise. I did this as an unpaid volunteer. These rides or events generally consisted of small groups of cyclists riding under the auspices of the charity organization; Sustrans. I mostly used the traffic-free routes on the National Cycle Network - which have been developed and are largely maintained by unpaid Sustrans volunteers. I highly recommend everyone to check out their exceptionally fine work @

How do you do this web thing? Well, I'm using a number of Google applications and Samsung products which I've listed along the sides of this page. I've tried to make the site fairly simple to use for both myself and the readers. I don't use any installed applications... nothing is stored on my Chromebook. All my text, photos and code are in the hands of Google. I work completely in the "Cloud".

Thanks Blogger.

I'm using these excellent online applications for ALL my photo editing in the cloud!